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Matthew Jukes, Wine Critic, Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

“This is the finest English red wine in the country. Weighing in at 12.5% alcohol it is not going to tire you out either. Showing a real talent and with a flavour to turn heads, this is a genuine red alert for our homegrown wine industry!”

Matthew Jukes, Vineyard Magazine


“This is without doubt the most successful red blend, I have ever tasted from within our shores. Gently aged in three to five-year-old French oak barrels for five months, this wine has been born with perfect balance. Rondo is the star here, adding some depth and muscle to its pretty Pinot partner and this extra level of richness and spice brings a faint Syrah-esque attraction to the whole. While many wines are proud of their Pinot component, rightly prizing its rarity and efforts in the glass, this wine parades Rondo's largesse and gentility and other wineries should take note. No matter how much I personally adore the Pinot noir grape, I crave other varieties with alarming regularity. Tytherton Red gives us all a chance to taste something a little different and I have a feeling that it will blaze a trail to follow.”

Matthew Jukes, Wine Critic, Daily Mail Weekend Magazine


“2016 Tytherton Red is a delicious blend of Rondo and Pinot Noir that has spent three months in old French oak barrels to highlight the juicy hedgerow fruit. 2013 Classic Cuvée, is an invigorating sparkler with a powerful nose and bold palate. It will be a good wine to watch over the next three or four years, and the 2016 Bacchus is equally feisty and bright.”

The Independent


“From a family-owned vineyard near Calne in Wiltshire and winner of Decanter Bronze awards. This is proper pinot: fragrant and earthy, elegant and juicy all at the same time, with silky cassis and cherry flavours.”


Matthew Jukes, Vineyard Magazine

“This brand-new Chardonnay was released at the end of November and so is perfectly timed for this issue. Made from 100% unoaked Chardonnay, without the need for malolactic fermentation on account of its silky acidity, this is a wonderfully luxurious wine. The shape and size of this creation is identical to a fine Chablis, and yet there is none of the cheese and rind, or metallic aftertastes so often associated with lesser examples of this popular style of wine. It is crystal clear, sonorous, superbly long and lithe and it sings of its majestic variety. Youthful and tense, but with every chance of making five years with ease, this is a great release for this estate”

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